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India’s growing multi-city Cycling Ecosystem, to push you into pedaling for health, fitness, environment, society and your own pocket. We help you stay motivated for Cycling through our innovative Mobile application- Cycling Cities, which converts all your cycling kilometers into carbon credit coins (cc coins) with which you can claim lot of rwards for your cycling, fitness and other daily needs. The cyclists in Inda are constanty increasing with our positive stories, guidance, technology, innovations for younger or older, working or studying, fitness-enthusiast or from cycling-enthusiasts to cycling-experts to anyone in between.
Welcome to Cycling Cities, an internet of cycling.


why we are

Day-long sitting jobs; hopping classes for studies; or staying at home whole day to take care of kids and family? All leading to sedentary lifestyle?
Adding new exercise regimes every quarter to stay fit, but somehow failing to achieve it and giving up the whole idea altogether. Sigh. Story of my life! You think?
Did you know that more than half of the commuters in the national capital travel less than 5 kilometres? This figure can safely be assumed to be relevant across India. It’s ironical that on one hand we complain about not having time for exercise, but on the other we are completely fine with wasting our incredible potential and time in stressful commuting in the fast congesting cities. One solution is cycling to the distances less than 5 kms by cycle! Yes we know that last you used cycle was before getting a driving licence. Thanks to the ubiquitous internet, today we all know the plethora of advantages of cycling. Fit YOU, cheerful YOU, adventurous YOU and some by-products like good savings on petrol, savings on seldom used gym membership fees and most importantly SAVING TIME!!

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Nikita Lalwani



Kumar Manish

Social Media Strategy


Arjit Agrawal

Software Developer



Baroda - Operations


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