About Us

Not always it is sunny or it rains, not always we have to travel miles

to reach the destination, and not always we are in a hurry to not enjoy the ride!

We are a tech-based social enterprise aiming to create a PAN India Movement to motivate at least one-third (1/3rd) of the city’s population to imbibe cycling as an important part of their lifestyle, across all the segments, social classes and age groups by 2030. We want to help set the perfect examples of Smart Cities which are more human-centric and less car-centric. We will be doing this by working with the growing community of riders, corporate businesses, schools leaders, and elected officials. We are uniting people to create a powerful, united voice to bring the cycling culture back.

This movement focuses primarily on changing the mind-sets and debunking myths or social stigmas towards cycling in the society and gradually changing the user behavior of people towards active commute. This invariably provides a lead towards tackling the dangerously increasing pollution levels or the effects of global warming.

Our Strategy

Our solution focuses on creating an online-offline ecosystem to push the idea of cycling by providing experiences of fun, adventure and utility cycling for short distance commutes as almost 50% of our average commutes are less than 5 km.

The constant need to remain healthy with fewer efforts in the era where cars, motorbikes, and other luxuries have made people busy, lazy and victim of many sedentary lifestyle diseases. When the glory of cycles as easy-joyful commute has faded due to the myths, social stigmas, lack of infrastructure and utmost being the fear of safety on roads that even if cycling is picking up, it is seen more as a recreation. We are focusing on anyone and everyone with fixed commuting within 5 km, be it school or college students or interns coming to a new city; professionals with sedentary job-types; travelers or explorers with adventure or sustainability as the priority.

The online aggregator platform will share motivational stories of cyclists that will inspire cyclists to pedal regularly and notifications about all local and national developmental cycling news and rides and events happening across the country.

The offline model will target people through decentralized channels like offices, colleges, schools, gyms, sports centers to try cycling through a unique experience.

We will transform how people see cycling in current times to where they will be delighted to own and ride bicycles as a choice mode of transport for selective short distances other than leisure and endurance cycling. We will thereby act as the final push to the decisions of people who are skeptical about buying it because it is not a poor man’s vehicle anymore, it a transport mode to transform Indian cities.

Our Projects

In 2016, we launched a pilot project called TRING: Try Cycling for employees of a German MNC in Vadodara to involve them in cycling. The same is now going on for individual professionals in the city.

In addition to the pilot, we conducted various events like Corporate Cycle Ride in Vadodara,  public engagement events for fitness enthusiasts at Decathlon Store opening in Baroda & Delhi involving engaging activities like pedal power, smart commute & cycling myth busters. Another initiative to get more cycles on the road was Gift a Cycle, where people donated used cycles which were refurbished to be gifted to the needy students. Recently we have started guided Heritage rides called Baroda by Cycle in the cultural city of Baroda which was launched on 18th April 2017, World Heritage Day. We are now working on bringing cycling culture back in our schools, colleges, and Corporate offices.