In 2015, Cycling Cities started as a PAN India Movement to motivate more people to cycle more to increase the cycling modal share to 1/3rd by 2030. That involved bringing cycling back into the mainstream and people imbibing cycling as an important part of their lifestyle and as an active commute across all the segments, social classes and age groups. 

For 4 years, we did various pilots like TRING (TRy CyclING), Gift a Cycle, Baroda by Cycle, Ride in Cinema, Car Free September Campaign, Installation of Cycle Parking and community rides like Corporate Cycle Ride, Food Rides, Mango Farm Rides, Baroda Rides for Cycle Tracks , Republic Day and Independence Day Bicycle Parades.

In 2018-19, we did a successful pilot of mobile app to reward cyclists with carbon credits coins where 1000+ users clocked more than 5 lakhs kilometres

Cycling Cities has evolved into a tech platform to intelligently understand and influence behavior of cyclists by using behavioral economics & community engagement. The aim is to get more people to cycle more, even in peak hours.

Through our new Crooze App, we reward you for every kilometer cycled for saving carbon & staying fit. This motivates and you cycle more. The platform also connects cyclists, cycling clubs, shops, events, brands, businesses, CSRs & Smart Cities for holistic growth of  cycling in India .

"We feature everything related to cycling, news, reviews of different products, buyer’s guides and inspirational stories of people who are cycling and making a difference.. "




Nikita Lalwani

Engineer by profession, cycling advocate by heart.
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Digital Marketing
Learning new things everyday and a cycling enthusiast since childhood.

Apoorv Gupta

UI/UX Designer
Loves traveling with his Brompton and owns 2 other humble machines.