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Join India’s First Cycle Ride Rewarding Platform- CYCLING CITIES for the cyclists!

Cycling Cities (CC) mobile app is offering virtual CC coins for cyclists. Cyclists can get rewarded for their hard-earned kilometers covered on cycle in the form of CC Coins which can be redeemed to cash vouchers, PayTm wallet cash, online & offline cycle store deals & discounts, healthy food cafe discounts and many more!

Cycling Cities Reward Programme has been launched in Vadodara, Valsad, Guwahati & Bengaluru and will be coming soon to other cities. It is applicable to all kinds of cyclists, recreational as well as commuter cyclists.


At present Cycling Cities Apps works with Strava Mobile App (records your cycle ride). You have to download both the apps to get your rewards on recorded on CC app.

Redeem rewards for all kinds of rides recorded in Strava, be it a short ride to the supermarket, or long rides to a destination in city outskirts or your daily cycle to work regime. The more you ride the cycle, the more you earn CC Coins.

Steps to use - Step 1: Login

Download Cycling Cities App from Google Play Store & Signup with mobile number and fill profile details.


Step 2: Connect App

If you are already not using Strava Mobile App, download Strava app here to record your everyday rides. Then connect Cycling Cities App with Strava Mobile App by clicking on the Connect app in the left navigation drawer of the app.


Step 3: Record Rides

Start recording your entire bicycle rides in Strava and all your ride kilometers will get 5 cc coins per kilometer based on carbon credit calculations. They will be reflected in the Cycling Cities App within half an hour.


Step 4:  Redeem Rewards

Once you have a good number of cc coins you can redeem any rewards from those cc coins.

1km = 5 cc coins = 0.25 Rs as per current carbon credit calculation.

In 1 km - motorbikes emit 125 gms of carbon & cars emit 150 gms of carbon. We are rewarding based on average 135 gms per km carbon reduced when you pedal.

The higher you go in 2X, 3X, 4X category the better monetary benefit you get with same kilometers and cc coins.

Choose your rewards, claim them and redeem them in selected online and offline stores.

Tell your friends to join the app and add rewards to their account and kilometers to the city account.

As we have only made an Android app for the initial phase, we suggest iOS users download this app in any of their friend’s or family members phone and keep using Strava in your iPhone and use Cycling Cities app to get rewarded once you ride a good number of kilometers.
Happy Riding
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