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Don’t Miss The Fun of Cycle During Your Monthly Cycle!

It is that time of the month but no worries, just keep going with the flow girl. Periods are really difficult and every woman would agree on this. It brings with it a whole lot of cramps, stress and mood swings. But nothing should come in the way of you and your fitness, not even these five days of bleeding. And a great thing about cycling is that it releases dopamine and serotonin that will surely make you feel good and would help you tide your menstrual cycle. Here are our five most recommended suggestion to enjoy your daily cycling even during period blues.

Here are some tips that you may consider while planning your ride when you are menstruating.

1- Use tampons or menstrual cups during periods- It’s very important to choose the right sanitary product while you’re going out for a ride. A tampon might just be the right thing to go for if the flow is light whereas, during heavy flow days menstrual cups are the ideal choice as they collect blood three times more than a tampon.

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2- Or a periods panty- Another great sanitary product to try out during cycling is a period panty, that would just stick at one place once you wear it and wouldn’t cause any discomfort no matter how much you move, and is water. You should always choose the best products for your body because it matters the most and also products that are sustainable. Unmoda is one such brand of period panties that is committed to investing in a brighter tomorrow and using nature-based products like cotton, bamboo and Lenzing Model to produce sustainable and reusable fabric. You can earn a period panty by cycling 1000 kilomteres on crooze app, a cycling rewarding platform.

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3- A good diet is key during periods- Taking a proper diet is just as important when it comes to cycling. Include a lot of water-rich fruits such as watermelon and cucumber for staying hydrated and also leafy green vegetables such as spinach for maintaining the iron levels of your body. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a bar of dark chocolate which is a good source of iron and magnesium.

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4- Taking care of your mood swings in periods – Sometimes, your mood can really make or break your day. But it’s normal to experience such mood swings during your menstrual cycle as the body goes through too many changes, producing different hormones. However, taking calcium supplements are believed to be helpful in dealing with mood swings or feelings of anxiety, sadness or irritation.

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5- Dealing with cramps- Period pains, at times can get severe enough to not let you out of your bed or worse can even make you cry. Go for natural remedies when it comes to cramps such as keeping a hot water bag or drinking hot liquids. In cases where the pain gets unbearable and you cannot arrange for any of the mentioned remedies then it’s advisable to keep some anti-inflammatory medicines handy such as ibuprofen or naproxen to reduce pain. Getting regular exercise may also help increase your blood flow reducing your cramp.

Make yourself familiar with your monthly cycle, keep a track of the changes you face and how you deal with it and then you’re ready to roll without making any sacrifices or compromises with the life you choose to live.

Share with us about your experience of cycling during your periods.

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