Expedia Inc’s Energetic Employees

They say that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Expedia Inc seems to be capitalizing on this by bolstering its employees who are supposed to be avid cyclists. From having a bicycle-themed 7th floor in office to holding a “Bike to work” month, it is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that its employees stay fit. We got in touch with two of its employees who have shared their respective experiences biking to work and their dedication to the sport had us completely inspired.

Expedia power pedal list no. 1 – PUJA CHAWLA

Having pedaled 15000km halfway through this year alone and touched the Kumaon up in the Himalayas, Ms. Chawla has an impressive repertoire as a pro-biker and the fact that she makes it a point to check her cycle’s air pressure, brakes and gears daily without fail makes her a responsible one. But according to her, nothing beats the rush of cycling 39 km to office atop her beast, a Scott Scale 960 and for us; she paints a picture of her day as she pedals to work.

With Delhi summers being notoriously hot as always, she gets in the saddle bright and early at 5:30 am every morning and zips through the lush army cantonment area as the blooming Gulmohar treesinject the morning air with their dewy perfume. With the sun blazing and temperature going north of 35C, she zooms through the serenity of Brar Square into the hustle and bustle of highways at an impressive 22kmph. Attracting a few stares along the way, she says, is a part and parcel of the routine but having sweated 1500 calories in a single workout makes it all fade into the nullity.But this power-packed lady refuses to be tired as after a long day at work, she dons her helmet once again and zips her way back home in a similar fashion.

Her commitment to being a cyclist and patience to take precautions every day reminds us that to reap a handsome harvest, one must sow diligently and properly. Negligence or anemic attitude won’t get one anywhere and sometimes the view from taking the long and hard way might just compensate for the personal investment made.

Expedia power pedallist no. 2 – Abhishek Tripathi

Before the blessed Metro entered the picture, commuting across the glorious state of Delhi during  summers was a nightmare inundated with traffic jams, profanities thrown around casually and the perpetual “it’s not meant to be” exasperated looks exchanged before one returned home haggardly. The arrival of Delhi Metro was celebrated with great pomp precisely because it made our daily commute swift and air conditioned. So when you hear of someone, in today’s date, cycling across the state to and back from work under the humid sun, you probably will incredulously flip him off for trying to kid you. But Abhishek Tripathi is one such man who seems to defy everyone’s presumptions.

With the sun shining bright at 6am, abhishek is greeted withthe morning breeze as he sets out on the dusty roads of Ghaziabad and pedals across the heart of Delhi to reach Chattarpur where he stops for a quick fresh juice break. Refreshed, he zips through the last stretch of flyovers and uphill climbs at an astonishing 45km/hr to reach office in 2 hours. The ride back home, he says, is much more pleasant with the weather being kind after dusk. Hitting rush hour traffic while exiting Gurgaon, he takes a quick break at India Gate for water and photography before reaching home. Pedalling 43kms is no mean joke but seems that in his case, it makes long working hours waymore fun.

Clearly, the bike to work month has been a hit with Expedia employees and we hope this trend will continue to catch on!

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