Going 60 At 60

I have been cycling for more than 40 years now. Back in Mumbai, when I had just completed my MBBS, I came across a 70-year old man holding a towel in his hands, going swimming. I was fascinated to see him because I didn’t even know how to swim at the age of 22. That’s when I decided to bring a change. I joined swimming classes and started to commute on my Montra-Trance bicycle. I used to ride every day to my class keeping the motto to stay fit.

Not long after when my coach told me to participate in swimming competitions. I have won state and national level competitions in swimming. I have won 40+ medals till now.

Currently residing in Gujarat, I travel to my clinic every day on my Avon-gearless cycle not just to stay fit myself but also to encourage my patients to do the same. I am a member of Rajkot cycling club. When I turned 60, I cycled for 60 kilometers. By December-end, I will be completing 70 kilometers to mark my 70th birth anniversary. I aspire to go to the Himalayas once on my bicycle.

From being such an amazing personality and an absolute delight to talk to, he aspires to go to the Himalayas once on his bicycle. He also plans to take part in a marathon next month in Gujarat itself and Cycling Cities wishes him all the best for the same.  His motto is to keep fit and he knows ways to incorporate healthy habits into his lifestyle quite well which is something that the youngsters can learn from him.

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