Iron Lady :The mettle of a cyclist

A woman of undaunted courage with the mettle of a true cyclist, Disha Srivastava is just that. Her cycling story began two years ago and hasn’t stopped ever since. The first step was much harder in her case than most people. Yet, she willed herself to do it. Starting from minimal distances, she gradually gained confidence, so much so that she now cycles on a daily basis even to work, which wasn’t an easy feat. She has, ever since, had quite a few life-changing, memorable cycling experiences.

She started a cycling group by the name of ‘Powai pedals’ which is now a great success with many regular members. Members are encouraged to ride to work at least one day of the week, preferably Friday.

She also dedicates her efforts outside of her group to organize riding events. One of these events was the ‘WoTheMen’ ride on the 12th of March, 2016 which saw an incredible turnout with everyone having a good word to say. She further organized another such event on 10th April 2016.

She aims to get women out of their bonded everyday lives and tell their stories to the world and started a special group for women by the name of ‘Mommies on a bike’ for this very purpose. 

She owns two bikes, one for long treads – Cannondale Trail 6, and one for city rides – Devon V7, which is a folding bike and encourages her family to develop this habit too. But, in her personal opinion, she thinks there is still a long way to go.

She relates her cycling experience as, ‘when I sit on my bike it is my complete meditative state, I talk to my bike, not to people. I like the breeze that comes from my face. It is my time.’ She has no plans of stopping anytime soon even after receiving an injury recently and intends to keep working to encourage people to inculcate this habit too.

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