Rekindling Happiness Over Cycling

It is said that a family that eats together stays together. We believe that logic can be extended to cycling as well as the two-wheeler has certainly weaved its magic in the case of Hitesh Dhingra and Amarjeet Kaur.  This middle-aged couple from Delhi has been cycling for more than two years now. Both in the prime of their life with two doting kids, the happy couple took to cycling, not just for its health benefits but also, to steal some time together away from their busy schedule and are incredibly proud of their Scott Aspects 650 and 900.

For the two lovebirds, who got married in 2004 after a 6-year long courtship, cycling gives them a  satisfying sense of accomplishment and freedom which most of us find in our work. Apart from getting some fresh air and expanding their friend circle with like-minded people, cycling has made them fitter and more active which is why they have no plans of bringing their hobby to a halt. Hitesh started cycling in October 2014 while Amarjeet joined him from March 2015. She began cycling after taking inspiration from h

er husband. She says “My husband was enjoying nature and achieving great fitness level as well as he also had a company of excellent people, so it made me a little jealous and inspired me to start cycling.” They love going on rides together and go for at least two rides in a week. They recently took a road cycling trip from Delhi to Amrik Sukhdev on their Scott mountain bikes. They took the challenging yet beautiful route over NH1 for over 50 km and plan to go for many more such cycling trips.


They say “Cycling helps us to maintain our fitness. We can enjoy fresh pollution free air in the morning. We were getting very less time for each other due to hectic schedules; now, thanks to cycling we have got our life rekindled and joyful as before, “ it is like back to Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam – DDLJ.”

Apparently, they are traveling on the right track to health and happiness and we, at Cycling Cities, wish them all the best for their future.

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