The Great American Bicycle Ride

Shiv Bhargava is a sports enthusiast who has been into various sports including cycling from childhood. A 1400 km long cycle ride changed his views on cycling culture. As a child, he was into cycling, and he still holds it close to his heart even when he can drive a car or a motorbike. He has been cycling for more than 14 years now and owned a Cannondale.

In 2011, Shiv went to the USA from where he went for a month-long cycling trip along the western coast, from Seattle in Washington down to San Francisco in California. He took this trip with a group of 8 girls and six guys along with three instructors. It was a group of people all aged about 15 then. They also had three instructors with them- Callie and Johnathan being American and Sarabjeet, who was from India. The ride started on the 15th of May, 2011 from Seattle and ended in San Francisco a month later. They cooked, cleaned, camped at state parks and carried everything on their cycles. They even had a great time there doing things like rafting on a level 4 river, watching a movie with unlimited fills of food and drinks, shop and eat out in the best places in San Fran and Seattle and be on and bike on the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It was a beautiful experience. They saw parts of US on their bicycles; they were a part of the ride called “The Great American Bicycle Ride” held by a popular camping and recreational organization INME. (In India, Youreka hosts such camps along with a few others for camps for teenagers during their summer break.)

Shiv also said “I cannot tell you in words how much this trip meant to me. I have to thank my Bua all the time and still can’t thank her enough for sending me for this amazing experience.” He also feels that cycling is not only for getting taller but also for getting fitter. He emphasizes on how it all about the amazing experience you get after a good ride. He feels biking is one of the best things that could ever happen to him. He says “You can stop and stare whenever and seize the glory and the beauty of the situation if on a trip and biking down places. I made such great friends there (for the ride), and I wish every reader luck and all my good wishes hoping you guys cycle more.”

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