The Man Behind Cycle Spas

A lot of people are born with a silver spoon in mouth and so was MrShahidShaikh. He could have easily lived an easy and comfortable life with his cycling business going in its own way. But this young, innovative man from Mumbai wanted to do it differently. So, he came up with an idea and used his business as a ladder to climb on to the mountains of success rather than as a means of stagnation. Read on to know more about him.

Mr. Shahid Sheikh was born in a family already owning around 27 cycle stores in and around Mumbai. But, a division of property amongst the family members left them with just one store. Life was still smooth for them. Like any passionate cyclist, he wasn’t content and always wanted to do something different and reach out to those budding young cycling enthusiasts like himself. And therefore, he decided to use his business as a ladder to reach the mountain of success.

He started with opening a high-end cycle store in one of the most exclusive malls situated in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) Mumbai – a foolish decision according to the perspicacious businessmen around him. Butin his words, “cycling for me is not about money but passion”. Henceforth, following his own instinctive passion for cycling, he went ahead and worked hard.

“Being a cyclist myself, I realized the importance a cycle can have for an enthusiast and so I worked on the intricacies involved in the craft of selling cycles and hence introduced the concept of test driving.”

They also became the first store to come up with the concept of Cycle Spa, a place that allows cycle lovers to come and service their own cycle every week. Another intelligent market strategy to upgrade the status of the cycles and cyclists included updating and posting about their customers on Facebook with them showing off their beautiful cycles.  This particular scheme not only helped to advertise about cycles, but it also helped in removing the social stigmas attached to cycling.

“I also managed to sell one of the most expensive cycles – Madone 9.5 worth 6 lakh directly to a customer, a milestone in the business of cycles and was invited to the US by Trek bikes due to the soaring cycle business in India.”

He is surely one of the few people in the country, who is the perfect blend of perseverance and compassion. He is somebody who not only managed to do what he dreamt of but also passed this test of passion with flying colors.

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